Managing caller ID numbers

One of the biggest challenges in phonebanking is getting people to answer the phone. Choosing a caller ID number is an important part of that. The CallEvo system offers several options for the caller ID number that will appear on people’s phones
when you call them.

You can use a single number for all calls that you make – this is the default setting for campaigns.

PCT/CallEvo offers the ability of rotating your calls through a list of caller ID numbers. This reduces the risk that your calls will be flagged by phone companies as “spam” calls. You have two options for caller ID rotation:

Rotating through a list of caller ID numbers for all your calls. If you have a list of caller ID numbers that you want all calls in your CallEvo account to share, because, for example, all the people you are calling are in the same geographic area, you will use the “Global Rotation” option.

Rotating through lists of caller ID numbers on a campaign-by-campaign basis. If your calling campaigns target different regions and you want to use separate lists of caller ID numbers for each campaign, you will use the “Campaign Rotation” option.

You can use a list of numbers that you have acquired, or you can get them from us. Talk to your PCT representative if you are interested in getting caller ID numbers from us.

To see and modify the caller ID settings, in the calling system’s admin area, on the Projects | Activity page, click on the row of the campaign to select it and then click on the green “Edit” button above.

On the first tab of the campaign settings (“Projects”), scroll down to the “Caller ID” section.

The DID dropdown menu shows the caller ID options. Choose the appropriate option. (The campaign and global “Rotation 2” options are the same as the campaign rotation and global rotation options – you can choose either.) If you are using the “Campaign” option – a single number for all of the calls – put that number in the “Project CallerID” box.

Click on “Save” in the upper right, then “Yes” to the question about regenerating the IVR.

In the left menu of the calling system admin, click on Routing | Numbers.

To import a new list of numbers, click on the “Import” button. Your list should be a .csv or .txt file, with “DID”, “TN”, or “phonenumber” in the first row. You can either import a “GLOBAL” list, which will be used for all calling campaigns in your account that are using the “Global Rotation” setting, or choose a specific campaign for your list. Choose the file, then click “Save” to import the list.

To copy a list of numbers from one campaign to another, click on the “Copy” button. Choose the campaign to copy FROM and TO, then click “Copy”.