Getting started

Basic troubleshooting for phoners logging in for the first time

Make sure that the computer has good internet access Make sure that you have allowed access to the microphone. Try a different browser Try running Chrome in Incognito mode. Check if the individual computer has a firewall on – try turning it off, if it is on. Try rebooting the computer.

Manual calls to test your computers

Once you have configured the computers that you will be using, you can make manual test calls to be sure that everything is working correctly. Manual calls are also useful to troubleshoot problems with headsets, volume settings, etc. In the calling system’s admin area, make sure that your “manual” campaign has been started.  Now, log …

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Start early!

Once you have decided to use the PCT calling system for your campaign, be sure to start early, setting up your network and computers, and testing things out.  Most people find the setup process pretty straightforward and quick. There are, however, a LOT of variables here – internet providers, modems, firewalls, other software installed on computers, …

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