How do I add a new list to an existing campaign?

PCT/CallEvo campaigns can hold a single list of targets, or there can be multiple lists loaded into a campaign. As long as you are using the same survey, you can keep using the same campaign and just add new lists to it.

There are different reasons that you might want to do this.  For example, if you have several tiers of priority targets, and want to work one list first, while having the next list ready to go instantly, you can load the two lists into the campaign, and turn on the second tier list as soon as the first list has been called.

Also, if you have voter contact happening at the doors and through other efforts, you may want to turn off the current list in your calling campaign and replace it with a fresh list that includes only those people who still have not been contacted.

To add a list to an existing campaign, on the PDI Click to Dial – Team Calling page, click on the View link on the right side of the list of campaigns for the campaign that you want to add to.  This will take you to an information screen about that campaign.

Click on the Add New List button at the bottom.  Name the list, choose your saved universe, and adjust the geography or settings if necessary, then click on Create.  Your new list will be added to the calling campaign – but not turned on.

You control when to turn on your new list (and possibly turn off other lists) in the calling system’s admin area.

You can access the lists on the Projects | Activity page.  Click on the campaign name.  This will take you to a page that shows all of the lists that you have loaded into the calling campaign.  Lists that are currently turned on will have a green icon; lists that are stopped will have a red icon.

Click on a list row to select the list, and then click on the button above to start or stop it.

You can have more than one list active at the same time.  The system will pull leads from all active lists.  You can turn lists on and off without interrupting the phoners.

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