How do I create a calling campaign?

Once you have prepared your PDI account, set up your survey, and created a universe of people that you want to phone, you are ready to create a calling campaign.  Go to the Click to Dial Team Calling area of your PDI account and click on the Create New Caller Campaign button in the lower left.

When you create a new calling campaign, you will also load a list of target voters into that campaign.  Later, if you want to, you will be able load additional lists of voters into that same campaign, using the same settings and script.  Those new lists can be in addition to the first list, or instead of the first list.  You will control this in the calling system’s admin area.

Name the campaign.  Choose your target universe and the survey.  Next you will choose the non-contact codes, acquisition type, and team of users to be assigned to this campaign.  You can create and manage the teams in your calling system’s admin area.  You can also later assign this campaign to a different team in the calling system’s admin area. 

Caller ID – you must specify a 10-digit phone number that you want voters to see on their caller ID when you call them, or click on the More Settings link and check the box to “Use caller ID rotation”. More information about this is available in the Caller ID section of the FAQs.

You can now click on the Save button to create the campaign and load the voters’ information into the calling system. This process may take a minute or two.

Information about the additional settings and how to customize the information that is displayed on-screen about each voter is provided in separate sections of this FAQ.

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