How do I customize the information that is displayed about the voters?

When you create a new calling campaign, a standard set of information and display layout about each voter is sent from PDI to the calling system.  The default information is the voter’s full name, party, sex, age, and permanent vote-by-mail status.  The information will be displayed in the upper-left area of the phoners’ screens.

You can modify that information when you create the campaign in the PDI.  To make the changes, look at the bottom area of the campaign creation screen.  You see the default setup, and a list of fields that you can add to the display, along with labels.

To add a text label or a field on the next line down, click on the PDInewline new line icon next to the label or field name.  To add a label or field to the right of the last item, click on the PDIsameline same line icon.

Geographic or district information: you can display the city, congressional, state senate, and other district information by selecting the appropriate field from the list.

Custom fields: you can configure up to 20 custom fields, based on Saved Universes.  (Accounts that have custom data fields can also display the contents of those fields.)

To set up a custom field, click on the Custom Fields tab.  Choose the Saved Universe from the dropdown list, and then type in the text that you want to display for all voters in that saved universe.  In the example below, all voters in the “PVBM early voters” saved universe will be marked with the text “Early VBM”.

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