How do I reset a list to make another pass right away?

The dialer system will make up to 5 attempts to reach a number.  After every unsuccessful attempt, the system will wait 4 to 8 hours before attempting that number again.  This happens automatically and is designed to maximize the efficiency of your phone program in most situations.

Sometimes your list may run out of “eligible” records – which means records that can be called RIGHT NOW.  You have records that could be called in the future, but they are blocked by the time delays.  If you want to reset those time delays and make those records eligible to be called right away, follow these steps:

Click on the campaign name in the admin.  You will see the list(s) that are loaded for the campaign.

Click on the row of the list that you want to reset, to select that list.  You will see a Reset button – click on that button.

The Preview list shows the count of records that could be reset in each category.  Choose the categories that you want to reset, and then click on the Reset File button.  If your records have already been attempted 5 times, you can check the Override box to allow a 6th (or more) pass.  Click on the Back button to return to the Dial Table (list of lists).  You will see how many records are now eligible to call.

Be patient – the reset process can take a minute or more to finish processing.  The system will then begin to offer records to be called again.

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