How do I set up the survey for the dialer?

In the PDI interface, leave the survey setting as “Logical” (this is true, even though the dialer integration does not using branching logic in the phoners’ screen setup).

Typical campaigns will use a survey with a support question – “Can we count on your support for our candidate? Y-N-U”.  There may also be separate follow-up questions like “Would you like a lawnsign? LS” or “Would you like to volunteer? VOL”.

If you have talking points or other information that you want your phoners to see on-screen, you can add it in the Segment Script area of the PDI survey setup.

Questions on the calling system screen only allow one response to be chosen per question.  If you want to allow phoners to mark multiple responses – for example, “What are the top issues that concern you?” – you will need to have a separate question for each of the options.  Each of the options will then appear on the phoner’s screen as a check box.

On the calling system, phoners will be required to mark a response to the first question, so make sure to place the most important question in the #1 position if you have more than one question in the survey.

NOTE: If you modify your survey (including the talking points) in PDI, and you have already created a dialer campaign, the survey will NOT change on the dialer. You will need to create a new dialer campaign if you need to change the survey that the phoners see.

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