How is PCT different?

There are a lot of companies offering calling services. PCT stands out from the rest for several reasons –

Groundbreaking compliance calling system – are you scrubbing your lists for cell phones and then hand-dialing the cell phones? You know how frustrating and unproductive that is. With our compliance calling system, you can call all of your target voters quickly and efficiently – while still staying in compliance with the TCPA.

Easy to use, reliable, and fast – You have more important work to do; you don’t want to spend a lot of time learning to use a complicated system. You also don’t want to waste time on a slow or unreliable calling system.

Low cost – PCT’s pricing is very competitive. You don’t need to pay high prices or sign a long-term commitment to get top-quality dialing services.

Tailored to the needs of your work – PCT was created specifically to meet the needs of progressive political campaigns, labor organizations, and community organizations. We know that you don’t work M-F, 9-5, and neither do we! We also have years of experience in using technology to advance progressive work, and it is part of our mission to work closely with you throughout your campaign to make sure that you are able to use the tools effectively.

Integrated with the PDI Online Campaign Center – for campaigns using PDI, the integration between PDI and PCT is seamless. You set up your universe and survey in PDI, load them to the calling system, and then as your phoners are talking with the voters, the results of the calls are copied back to your PDI account automatically within minutes. It is that simple.

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