I already created the campaign – how do I display polling place/vote center information for each voter?

If you want to keep using the same survey and campaign settings, and you know that polling place information is available in the PDI system (and was already available when you loaded the list into the calling system), you can modify what is displayed about the voter to show the polling place.

In the calling system’s admin area, go to the Projects | Activity page and click on the campaign row to select it.  Click on the green Edit button above, and then click on the Call Data tab.  You will see this:

Scroll down the field list on the right until you see the polldesc1, polldesc2, and polladdress1 fields.  You can click on them to move them into the window on the left, or you can type the field names directly.  If you type them directly, the field names are CASE-SENSITIVE (lower-case letters) and are enclosed in { } – curly brackets.  You can type labels (like “Polling place:”), and adjust the font size, bold, italics, etc. using the controls at the top.  This is an example of how you may want to set it up:

Click SAVE, and then Yes to “regenerate IVR” – your changes will appear on phoners’ screens as soon as they get their next calls.

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