Manual calls to test your computers

Once you have configured the computers that you will be using, you can make manual test calls to be sure that everything is working correctly. Manual calls are also useful to troubleshoot problems with headsets, volume settings, etc.

In the calling system’s admin area, make sure that your “manual” campaign has been started.  Now, log in to the phoner computer.

Leave the status as “NOT READY” and click on the Manual Call icon.

NOTE:  If there is nothing in the Campaign dropdown, that means that the manual campaign has not been started.

Fill in a 10-digit number in the phone number box and click on Dial.  The dialer will call that number.  Be patient – the call can sometimes take a while to connect to the number you’re dialing.

When you are finished with the call, follow the prompts on the screen.  You will be able to choose between staying in “Not Ready” status, or going “Ready” and starting to take live calls.

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