What are the minimum specs for computers and bandwidth to use the PCT system?

For your phoners, you will need computers (Windows, Chromebooks, or Macs) or tablets – as long as they can run a current version of software, it should be fine.

Phoners will need either a headset to plug in to their computer or a phone (cell phone or landline) to handle the audio.

For one or two phoners at a single location, any modern internet connection should have plenty of bandwidth.  A stable connection is the most important factor.

If you are setting up a phonebank at a central location, each computer will need approximately 125 kb of bandwidth, both upload and download.  This means that each megabyte of bandwidth is enough for 8 phoners.

For the people in charge of running the phonebank, you will need at least one Windows-based computer.

The calling system runs in a browser. Chrome generally works for most people; other browsers work well, too.

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